Finished Intentions 7

This week I didn’t get to finish everything I wanted to do, but c’est la vie. I finished Christmas shopping finally, which happened to be what kept me from the other things. I did not finish the book series, I am on level 23 on Skyrim and will be on level 25 by Monday, I did write in my horror story this week, and I did not get to write an installment in The Journal of a Thrall. Its kind of hard to write if you’re out and about. I think the highlight of my week was yesterday when I got the Thief game for Xbox one. And that’s it.

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I am a ninja spy. And I'm afraid if I tell you more, i'll have to kidnap you and send you to Istanbul...with no passport...with no superman underwear only.................. Nah. I'm an introverted artist and creative writer, who is addicted to rock music and DC comics.

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