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Well, I can certainly say I am thrilled that the weekend is over because in turn it means the ACT + Writing is over. So basically my weekend consisted of going to the potluck which was really fun, can’t wait to play werewolf again, taking my 5 hour ACT, and then blowing a full day on nothing but cleaning, playing Skyrim, and setting up Skype over the phone for my younger cousin.
Last weekend was definitely tiresome but now I can waste my time on playing Skyrim and purchasing books for college.
This week I shall be finishing Christmas shopping, the first half of the Percy Jackson series hopefully, getting to level 25 in Skyrim, hopefully writing an entry for the Journal of a Thrall, getting some writing done in my horror story, and playing Devil May Cry.

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I am a ninja spy. And I'm afraid if I tell you more, i'll have to kidnap you and send you to Istanbul...with no passport...with no superman underwear only.................. Nah. I'm an introverted artist and creative writer, who is addicted to rock music and DC comics.

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