Finished Intentions 7

This week I didn’t get to finish everything I wanted to do, but c’est la vie. I finished Christmas shopping finally, which happened to be what kept me from the other things. I did not finish the book series, I am on level 23 on Skyrim and will be on level 25 by Monday, I did write in my horror story this week, and I did not get to write an installment in The Journal of a Thrall. Its kind of hard to write if you’re out and about. I think the highlight of my week was yesterday when I got the Thief game for Xbox one. And that’s it.

Check in

Well, I can certainly say I am thrilled that the weekend is over because in turn it means the ACT + Writing is over. So basically my weekend consisted of going to the potluck which was really fun, can’t wait to play werewolf again, taking my 5 hour ACT, and then blowing a full day on nothing but cleaning, playing Skyrim, and setting up Skype over the phone for my younger cousin.
Last weekend was definitely tiresome but now I can waste my time on playing Skyrim and purchasing books for college.
This week I shall be finishing Christmas shopping, the first half of the Percy Jackson series hopefully, getting to level 25 in Skyrim, hopefully writing an entry for the Journal of a Thrall, getting some writing done in my horror story, and playing Devil May Cry.

Finished Intentions 5

So this week has been busy but simple. I’ve only really been studying for my ACT, reading a book series, picking a college to transfer into during the summer, and I did end up finishing ten seasons of Supernatural in under two months. Is it wrong I’m proud of that?
So that’s that. Short and simple. Now I am off to bed, I must get up around 5-6 in hopes of making the tour starting time. Let’s hope I shan’t perish in thy sun tomorrow.