Finished Intentions 3

I’m back from Chicago! Wahoo!…………Nah I’m just kidding, it’s sucks being back home, I miss the city.
So this week I met with a woman from the New Student Services at ABTech for Early College. I started a series for when I’m having writers block which is called The Journal of a Thrall. Its title pretty much tells what it is but for those who do not know, it’s about a Thrall, which is a servant/slave in Norse/Scandinavian culture, who is recording their(gender and age is chosen by reader) time to and through Valhalla, Helheim, Niflheim, and possibly other places. Valhalla is where warriors go after they’ve died in honor or battle, Helheim is a place for a more lazy death such as dying in bed, Niflheim is for those who died neither an honorable or a notable death.
I am currently practicing for the ACT test, I’ve just finished up the class part of Driver’s Ed, and I’m currently planning my graduation party.
I am also hoping to finally read Macbeth or one of my many books.

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