The Journal of a Thrall: Ýlir , 2nd Woden’s day

This is it…
This is the end. My master has died and the kingdom is under new lead by my master’s son. He has ordered that three others and I shall be buried with his father to aid him in Valhalla. It has been an honor to serve the king in his time of reign.
I see my king once more as we march through the halls of the fallen to the pits.
They unlock our chains as they lead the first one of us to the edge of the blue pits. He struggles to get away; he’s a boy of only thirteen years. He pleads and yells for freedom. But they fall on deaf ears as they restrain him and toss him in the pits.
After the next two go it is my time, I shake them off and walk myself up to the edge. I turn around, cross my arms, I lean over the edge, and let go of my footing. Falling over the ledge. Voicing my final thoughts aloud, “I have served, and will serve once more”.

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I am a ninja spy. And I'm afraid if I tell you more, i'll have to kidnap you and send you to Istanbul...with no passport...with no superman underwear only.................. Nah. I'm an introverted artist and creative writer, who is addicted to rock music and DC comics.

2 thoughts on “The Journal of a Thrall: Ýlir , 2nd Woden’s day”

  1. oooh, does that mean the next chapter/part will take place in the afterlife? is there an afterlife to the afterlife? Or is this one of those, start with the ending and then fill in the back story, stories?

    1. Yes, the next chapter will take place in the afterlife. Kinda, it’s hard to explain though. See in Norse mythology there are multiple realms to go to in the afterlife such as Valhalla, Niflheim, Helheim, and a few more I probably don’t know about. And I’m also going off some elements from the Tomb Raider Underworld game, seeing as it is also based around Norse mythology. But I am thinking for my Thrall here, we’ll start in Helheim, go to Niflheim, then be at Valhalla. So there will be battles, the almost destroying of souls, and then whatever lies in Valhalla.
      But no, it is not a start with the ending and fill in the backstory kind of story, though I am already working on one of those. It’s called Quarantined.

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