Sketches, round two *ding* *ding*

grunge girl sketchimage3punk boy

These are three more sketches finished for the ALC intentions. The middle one still needs some detailing, like Shrinking the necks and adding in some shirt details. I’m also planing on inking and coloring the last one.

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I am a ninja spy. And I'm afraid if I tell you more, i'll have to kidnap you and send you to Istanbul...with no passport...with no superman underwear only.................. Nah. I'm an introverted artist and creative writer, who is addicted to rock music and DC comics.

4 thoughts on “Sketches, round two *ding* *ding*”

    1. Thank you, not yet but I most likely will. All my characters live in the same universe so it’ll be a series of stories or maybe even some books.
      I am currently contemplating a comic, web or printed I am unsure. Though I do not know if the two from the middle drawing will be in the comic seeing as they are representations of my female and male side.
      Also pardon the inquiry, but what is Daria? I’ve never heard of it.

        1. It sounds interesting, on a spectrum of Simpsons to South Park how funny would you rate it? I don’t know if the Simpsons is funny to you but it’s not really funny in my opinion, but maybe I haven’t watched enough to truly know.

          I can see it.

          It sounds like a funny TV show, or at least one I would watch.

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