Finished Intentions for ALC: Sketches for Illustrations

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These are two finished sketches, I have one more but the eye is bugging me so I’m not posting it until I’m satisfied with the eye.

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I am a ninja spy. And I'm afraid if I tell you more, i'll have to kidnap you and send you to Istanbul...with no passport...with no superman underwear only.................. Nah. I'm an introverted artist and creative writer, who is addicted to rock music and DC comics.

2 thoughts on “Finished Intentions for ALC: Sketches for Illustrations”

    1. @liam I have no idea what an Ewok is, i’m assuming it’s from Star Wars maybe?
      But they’re actually babies in bear costumes. My illustration job is for a children’s book and I have to draw a baby throughout her day.

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