The little lamb

I hear them… I hear them in the shadows waiting, whispering their silent scorns as others pass by. They sit waiting for the curious lamb of the bunch, so they can snatch them out of the light.
No one would notice. No one would wonder what happened to that little lamb. The one who wandered from the path into the night alone.
Were they devoured? Were they killed or left in pain to suffer begging for death? Did they find wisdom or eternal bliss?
These are questions that wouldn’t even pass through one of these minds. These minds that have been washed by their shepherds for far too long to see otherwise, to even question the unknown.
They keep walking, one by one, carbon copies of each other never noticing when one goes missing. Living their life of grays.
Too afraid to think differently from their peers, their friends, their family, the society built in front of them.
But that one little lamb, amongst the ten thousand they walk with every day, will understand. Will see the difference and understand that the darkness, the unknown, isn’t what it seems. They won’t walk as a carbon copy any more. They’ll be free.
They won’t hide in the light. They’ll see, that in the light, they’ve suffered far greater than they ever could in the dark.
They’ll live a free life of happiness. For the monsters in the dark that snatched them up, are nothing but questions unanswered and a path of knowledge filled with colors never before seen.
If the others could only see that the dark is only the world shrouded in the fear that has been set in them by their shepherds.